Apple raises the prices of Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One

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Apple seems to have taken advantage of the arrival of the new versions of its operating systems -iOS 16.1, iPadOA 16 and macOS Ventura- to announce a price increase that affects a good part of its subscription services in Spain: Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One. Left out (for the moment) Apple Arcade, which maintains the price with which it was initially launched.

Apple’s increases affect its subscription services Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple One, while maintaining the price of Apple Arcade

This would consolidate a new stage that began with the arrival of iOS 16 and the presentation of the new iPhone 14, characterized by an increase in device prices, which is now also being transferred to services, in a context of increasing generalized prices due to the escalation of inflation and the international economic uncertainty.

From Apple it has been reported that these price increases are due to different factors, from the improvements that have been incorporated into the respective services to the increase in the price of the licenses of the artists of the music streaming platform. In the case of Apple TV + the argument is the expansion of the content catalogwhich started with very little offer of series and movies in exchange for a lower price than the competition.

The new monthly fees for Apple services are as follows:

-Apple Music Single: from 9.99 euros it goes to 10.99 euros.

-Apple Music Family: from 14.99 euros it goes to 16.99 euros.

-AppleTV+: from 4.99 euros it goes to 6.99 euros.

-Apple One Single: from 14.95 euros it goes to 16.95 euros.

-Apple One Family: from 19.95 euros it goes to 22.95 euros.

-Apple One premium: from 28.95 euros it goes to 31.95 euros.

For its part, the in-house cloud gaming platform, apple arcadewhich allows access to more than 200 games, continues to maintain (for the moment) its initial launch price, 4.99 euros.

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