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    Apple presents its accessibility options and includes sounds for neurodivergent

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    The Oneplus 7 And 7t Receive Android 11 With The

    iOS 15.

    Apple today announced the new functionalities That users can enjoy with iOS 15, the new operating system opens up options for people who are neurodivergent, deaf, dumb and blind. In addition to anyone who wants to take advantage of these functions for any reason.

    The one dedicated to neurodivergent is about background sounds, these sound at all times while we use the phone or tablet, the idea is that they help certain types of people with concentration. Some people are already using it for that purpose, so clearly it’s a good feature

    iOS for everyone

    There are also the new features of VoiceOver, a screen reader in the form of software that will help the blind or people with low visibility. Basically now we can use it for the images and that the software describes as best as possible what is on the screen. Users will be able to select different parts of the screen to hear better descriptions. They can also use Markup to leave descriptive voice notes on each image.

    For deaf or hard of hearing people, comes the bi-directional support with the special headphones. This will allow these users to remotely use the phone and participate in FaceTime. The new headphones will be released before the end of the year and will have support to recognize test audiograms.

    Finally, in the accessibility functions, a way to control the phone with sounds is being prepared to help people who are dumb or with little mobility in their hands. The functionality will arrive “later this year” and will work with simple sounds.