Apple prepares a ‘headphone mode’ for AirPods Pro in iOS 18

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Manzana recently released a small version of iOS, 17.4, but the next major update to its operating system will be made in September, along with the launch of the iPhone 16. With iOS 18 Quite a few new features are expected to arrive, so much so that Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman believes it will be one of the brand’s “biggest updates ever.”

The technology company will announce some of the functions planned for iOS 18 in its World Developers Conference (WWDC), which, like every year, is expected to arrive in June. Until then, we will not have an official presentation of the news of the upcoming software, but we do have some leaks of what Apple could be preparing for its customers.

The last one that we have known consists of a ‘hearing aid mode’ that its engineers are developing to improve the performance of your AirPods Pro. According to Gurman’s weekly newsletter Power On, users with these wireless headphones will enjoy new user functions thanks to iOS 18.

The Bloomberg analyst has explained that it is not expected no hardware changes to the AirPods Pro in 2024. However, the “new and important hearing aid mode” that will come to smartphones with iOS 18 will allow control of some functionalities of these devices from the mobile phone.

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iOS 18 ‘Headphone Mode’ Details

The information that Gurman has given in his newsletter comes from internal Apple sources related to the matter. According to him, it helps optimize accessibility features on iPhones, especially when it comes to hearing health.

Although this novelty that will arrive in September has not been discussed in depth, it is expected that the ‘hearing aid mode’ will allow personalize and enhance the listening experience of the AirPods Pro. Initially, this system will allow the audio to be adapted to specific needs.

For example, ‘hearing aid mode’ could help people with hearing difficulties or to understand conversations in noisy environments. To do this, Apple will take advantage of advanced sound processing and noise cancellation technology.

Apple’s ‘hearing aid mode’ comes after a very notable change from the United States Food and Drug Administration, better known by its acronym FDA. This regulatory body proposed new guidelines in 2022 for the category of hearing aids that can be purchased without straight.

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Current AirPods features that make listening easier

The ‘hearing aid mode’ of iOS 18 will be a clear improvement in the accessibility functions of Apple smartphones, but it will not be the only one. Currently, the apple brand already has some tools that make listening to your mobile phone easier thanks to AirPods.

One of them is ‘Live Listen’ or ‘Listen directly’, which launched in iOS 12 (2018) and transforms iPhones into a directional microphone. With this functionality, Apple was already looking to help users “listen to a conversation in a noisy area.” They achieve this by transmitting the audio captured by the phone and amplifying it on the AirPods in real time.

There’s also a handy feature that amplifies sound pickup directly from the AirPods Pro microphones. It’s called ‘Conversation Boost’ and is activated when the headphones detect that someone is talking.

Regarding ‘Conversation Boost’, Apple defined it this way during its presentation: “When you start talking, this function automatically reduces the volume of multimedia content and improves the voices coming to you in front of you, in addition to reducing additional background noise.”

Now, with the arrival of ‘hearing aid mode’, the American company will further improve its features to make listening easier. Thus, your clients will have an alternative to the expensive hearing aids that currently exist on the market.

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