Apple Pencil for iPhone 14 rejected according to leaker


According to leaker Duan Rui, it appears that Apple may have rejected the Apple Pencil at the last minute, apparently scheduled to be released alongside the iPhone 14. The recent report indicates that Apple planned a new Apple Pencil at the time to arrive during the event of the new iPhone line last September. However, the company canceled the launch at the last minute.

In the report shared by leaker Duan Rui It also refers to another report via the Weibo social network. In the it is claimed that the Apple Pecil would have worked for the iPhone as well as the iPad. The tentative price would be about $49 at the time of departure.

Would an Apple Pencil for iPhone have arrived?

Firstly, It is important to mention that there is really no sure thing, since Rui’s leak history is not totally reliable. However, he shares a very talked about and interesting idea about an Apple Pencil that can be integrated with the iPhone. Even the original Weibo post does not continue on the network.

According to Rui, what would have been the Apple Pencil was handled under the code name of “Marker”. The price that the Apple Pencil would have had would have been half of what the cheapest Apple Pencil currently costs.. The thing is, the cost would have reflected the lack of some features, some like pressure sensitivity. Likewise, it would not add a battery either, so it would be powered by touching the screen.

Meanwhile, if we decide to trust the information, it means that Apple would have come close to having this device in September and that there would already be at least one million of these pieces. Since, according to the leaker, it was a last-minute rejection, adding that these Pencils were about to be sent but now all that remains is to discard them. However, it sounds quite strange that there are so many units without any tangible leak.

It only remains to know if Apple wants to continue with the project of an Apple Pencil for the iPhone or not. It is worth mentioning that there are none that apply to the smartphone. This supposes the idea of ​​operation based on the fact that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the ideal size to support a Pencil.