Apple patents touch-response virtual keyboard concept for Macs

Apple patents touch-response virtual keyboard concept for Macs

Apple has filed a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Keyless Keyboard with Force Sensing and Haptic Feedback” indicating the development of a base with a touchscreen displaying all the letters, numbers and special characters that make up the keyboard dispensing with the use of physical buttons.

According to the text, the device will have in its structure several force sensors and touch detection to identify precisely when the user clicks on the panel, supporting the input of several fingers simultaneously, as well as in smartphones and tablets compatible with multitouch.

In an image attached to the document, it is possible to notice the possibility of adjusting the keyboard format, increasing ergonomics according to the typing style of each user. Apparently, this accessory is aimed at Mac computers replacing the traditional Magic Keyboard sold separately.

As stated in the patent, the haptic feedback should provide the touch sensation similar to the Touch ID button, differentiating clicks on cell phones. While the focus is on the Mac, the concept also shows the virtual keyboard being used on an iPad — there are no visible cables, so we believe connectivity will be Bluetooth.

Apple Virtual Keyboard. (Image: Playback).

As with other patents, the document does not reveal details about availability, price and design, however, if the idea is really in the plans of the Cupertino giant, more leaks are expected to emerge soon.

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