Apple Patent Reveals Keyboard Designs That Could Replace Magic Keyboard for iPad

patente de apple revela disenos de teclados que podrian reemplazar al magic keyboard para ipad.jpg
patente de apple revela disenos de teclados que podrian reemplazar al magic keyboard para ipad.jpg

Tablets are devices that offer a satisfactory user experience in most cases, given the size of the screen, which allows a greater margin of maneuverability when browsing through the interface of a website or social network.

There are some models that incorporate a physical keyboard in order to make the most of the space on the screen. This is what Apple did when launching the Magic Keyboardso that iPad users had the possibility to transform this device into a laptop.

However, the good intention was not entirely favorable due to the weight presented by this accessory, which also prevented the iPad from being used in tablet mode and limited viewing angles.

However, Apple may not have given up on the iPad keyboard just yet and plans to release it at some point. a simpler detachable version and that allows the tablet to be placed at various angles; this, in case a patent of the recently revealed company moves into the development phase.

apple patent

When investigating the patent, it is possible to observe the description of a tablet accessory with a base part, accompanied by a coupling mechanism that would be fixed to a keyboard and provided with electromechanical keys.

Also, Apple offers different perspectives of this detachable concept, which would allow the user to have the iPad at various angles.

One of them proposes a coupling mechanism as a hinge that overlaps the rear panel of the tablet, also accompanied by a auxiliary screen in which you can see a personalized message along with data related to the battery level, date and time.

However, do not get your hopes up with everything shown in the patent, as this will only give us a notion of the direction that Apple could take in the near future to reconfigure the shape of the keyboard for the iPad.

It is worth mentioning that this patent had been requested in July 2020 and its access was recently granted. It is likely that the designs shown in this patent will not materialize, but at least they allow us to intuit a future where the iPad becomes a viable alternative to the Mac.

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