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Apple only has three immediate shipments for Mac

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For the time being, due to the multiple situations and contexts that led to this moment, apple’s immediate shipping limit has been lowered. The Macs available at the moment were reduced to only three models. Meanwhile, the other Mac models are under approximate shipments of one to two weeks, even taking almost 3 months. Of course, this is subject to the country and therefore to the type of shipment. These shipments are currently taking much longer than expected.

These problems continue to raise the monetary value that it will cost the company, because if China’s supply chain continues with this constant, the price to pay would reach up to 8,000 billion dollars during this quarter alone.


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The world situation on components is increasingly seen as latent in both the problems of the technology sector, in addition to many other factors. Some of these factors are the high demand for components, as well as the closure of several production plants due to COVID-19, as well as the incursion of electrical automotive companies requesting chips.

The global problem is based on the demand for common components, such as display drivers or those that manage battery and Wi-Fi. The request for this type of chips is what has led to the shortage of parts today, as the number continues to increase.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is aware of this and reported the cost resulting from the supply problem, which amounted to 6,000 billion dollars, this only counting two quarters. Cook noted that this problem could cost up to 8,000 billion in this quarter alone.

The reports show the problems that continue for the components, with seven categories where shortages have increased. Four of these categories could continue to cause problems throughout this year.

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Mac shipments keep dragging on and causing problems

The problem naturally continues to grow and affects the entire Apple line, reaching the delivery section. Obviously the new products, and therefore, the most requested become the most problematic for shipping today. Mac Studio and Studio Display continue to see how the demand continues but the production line and supply chain prevent clean distribution. For now the client must wait around two months when the first orders were.

On the other hand, MacBook Pros are also being affected due to the strong health contingency in the Asian country. The report to customers notified them that their device would be delivered within five months. Due to the recent incident with the workers of the Chinese plant belonging to the MacBook assembly, it could aggravate this situation with the deliveries.

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At the moment, the availability of Apple made by Macworld details that only three Mac models are available for immediate shipment, if purchased directly from the Apple store.

Immediate shipments only for these three models

Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro

  • Immediate deliveries from today to tomorrow in the United States.
  • For the United Kingdom, deliveries would arrive before May 16.
  • Germany has immediate deliveries for tomorrow.
  • Australia has immediate deliveries for tomorrow.


  • Deliveries from today to tomorrow for the United States.
  • Deliveries to be made before May 16 in the United Kingdom.
  • Germany has upcoming deliveries from today to tomorrow.
  • Immediate delivery for tomorrow in Australia.


  • US deliveries available today or tomorrow.
  • UK can deliver before May 16th.
  • Immediate deliveries for tomorrow in Germany.
  • Australia has immediate deliveries for tomorrow,

Currently these would be the only products that Apple has available for immediate shipment, being that the MacBook Air will be available for another one to two weeks and only for some countries. However, it will also remain available for other countries in about two months.

The article that is the worst on this subject is the Mac Pro, because for Australia it would be available for almost three months. Meanwhile the wait for the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra amounts to seven to nine weeks.

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