Apple now lets you download developer betas for free

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Apple is changing the way you access developer betas. A new system that will save you some dollars, and that will make it easier for you to install them to test your applications.

This is one of the many changes that Apple announced at its last event, and that takes into account the work of developers to optimize their apps for new versions of operating systems. We tell you the details.

New way to access Apple developer betas

We already told you all the news from Apple announced at its last event. And some interesting details that change in the dynamics of Apple keep appearing.

For example, there is an interesting change in Apple’s betas, since it will not be necessary to go through the developer program to be able to test them. The only requirement will be to have an Apple ID, as described in the Apple Support Center:

You can learn how to develop apps for Apple platforms for free without signing up. With just an Apple ID, you can access Xcode, software downloads, documentation, sample code, forums, and Feedback Assistant, as well as test your apps on devices.

A dynamic that can be followed to test the betas of iOS 17, macOS Sonoma and watchOS 10. This will save you from having to sign up to be part of the Developer Program. Let’s remember that to be part of the program you have to pay a membership of 99 dollars a year, since it includes a series of tools and functions for developers.

How to install Apple developer betas

With the new system, you save that registration and the membership money. And the steps to install the developer betas are very simple. For example, to install the iOS 17 beta just go to your iPhone and in the Settings section look for General > Software Update > Beta Updates > iOS 17 Developer Beta.

And a similar dynamic can be followed in the rest of the devices for the corresponding operating system. One detail to keep in mind is that although the process to test the betas is easier, this does not mean that you should simply install them on your device.

Remember that these are beta versions for developers, and that it is not the public beta, so they may have more bugs than you think and other problems that could affect the performance of your device.

Simply put, it is not a beta for daily use, since it is intended for developers to test them with their respective applications to have their products ready and optimized for the final version.

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