Apple News sends obscene push notifications: sensational hacker attack on Fast Company

The account Apple News from Fast Company was hacked: the attackers sent two push notifications to the Cupertino news aggregator containing racial and sexual insults. Apple itself then announced on Twitter that it had disabled the channel of the US media, so did Fast Company suspending the feed and temporarily closing the siteuntil we are sure that the situation is resolved“.

Fast Company’s Apple News account was hacked Tuesday night. Two obscene and racist push notifications were sent out about a minute apart. The messages are vile and not in line with Fast Company content.

To clarify: Fast Company’s content management system (CMS) was hacked on Tuesday evening, which impacted our Apple News alerts.

In apologizing to its customers and Apple News users, Fast Company stated that the attack appears to be linked to another hack that took place Sunday afternoon, “where messages with a language appeared on the home page and other pages of the site. similar”. On that occasion the site had been taken offline for a couple of hours to restore its contents, but apparently it was only a “warning” of a second attack that did not only concern the media portal, but also the its feed linked to the Apple News account.

Cybercriminals posted a comment on Fast Company before the site was taken offline mocking the company’s attempts to protect itself from attack. The message also states that access was via a shared password on several accounts, including that of an administrator, and that sensitive employee information will be posted on a forum. Customer data appears to be safe as it is stored in a different database that the hackers did not have access to.

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Apple News is a news aggregator from several linked sites and is available as an app from iOS 9 (2015) as a replacement for Newsstand. The countries in which it is active are the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada (also in France, but not as an app). There is also a paid version – Apple News + – launched in 2019. Its monthly cost is $ 9.99.

Credits opening image: Pixabay