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Apple must pay $50 million to compensate users of MacBooks with defective keyboards

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A deal by Apple to spend about $50 million to compensate MacBook users who suffered at the hands of so-called faulty “butterfly” keyboards appears to be closer to completion. The class-action lawsuit, which stretches back to last year, reached a settlement that received preliminary approval this week by a California federal judge.

It is noteworthy that, from this mountain of money, US$ 13.6 million must end up in the pockets of lawyerswith an additional $2 million in attorney fees and $1.4 million being spent on administrative costs.

The rest should benefit US users who suffered from Apple’s ill-fitting design that plagued MacBooks made between 2015 and 2019 — when the company finally proposed another technology to quell general dissatisfaction. In the case, in fact, Apple just decided to return to the most common scissor mechanism, but sold under the advertising of the “Magic Keyboard”.

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Before, Apple basically tried to end the problem by offering a free defective keyboard repair program — but in the end, the components ended up being exchanged for other equally broken keys, requiring users to do this type of repair more than once. turn.

The ongoing collective action indicates that the Apple was well aware of the butterfly keyboard flaws and continued to sell computers with the malfunction.

Compensation for each user can range from $300 to $395 for those who send in their eligible MacBook models for keyboard replacement (including trackpad and speakers) twice or more within four years of purchase.

Those who sent in the notebook for a part replacement only once within four years of purchase could receive up to $125. $50. Remember that the 12” MacBook arrived in 2015 costing $1,299.

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Despite the lawsuit, Apple continues to defend that notebooks are not defective and has already issued a statement saying that the proposed settlement of the case is not an admission of guilt.🇧🇷

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