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Apple Music Replay 2021: the best of the year also starts in February

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All the Musical platforms in the world strive throughout the month of December to draw the attention of users to these summaries that compress into just a few songs what we have heard the most in the previous 365 days. Themes, albums, artists, groups, discoveries, musical genres … the list is endless and serves to give a bit of nostalgia and memories to a time of year when Christmas, New Years are celebrated, being with family and those things. Now, in apple-legislation-in-north-dakota/">Apple they have thought that why do we need to wait until the end of the year to know that information if we can do it continuously throughout the twelve months that 2021 has. So they have pulled something out of their sleeve that they have called Apple Music Replay 2021, which is precisely that: a summary of the current year that is updated every week to permanently remind us of what we listen to the most and what we like the most. A playlist week by week With this new function, what Apple wants is to bring together in a single playlist that summary of the year in an organic way, which evolves week by week with each small, and imperceptible, change that we are undergoing in our musical tastes. In this way, when we get to December, we will already know where to go to look to know how this 2021 has been (musically). The company has announced that this Apple Music Replay 2021 will be updated every seven days and will be on view within of each user’s home page. The day set for this update will be Sunday, in case you are curious to know the changes and it will be up to us that we want to visit it daily or accidentally fall into it every longer. Everything will depend on what we like these playlists created according to our tastes but, above all, on everything we listen to over a certain period of time. This compilation of data on what we listen to offers a breakdown by musical themes, albums that we use the most and, of course, a list of the artists that most seduce us in 2021. The goal is that when the end of the year arrives, no it is necessary to announce with great fanfare that we already have this summary available in the iOS or Android application. On this occasion, Apple has seen fit that it would be more fun to see how things are going week by week.

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