Apple Music gives “gifts” from artists to subscribers


Apple Music makes available to its subscribers a diverse series of so-called “gifts” as part of the From Apple Music With Love celebration fully available from today. In this celebration you will see multiple artists involved such as Sam Smith, Shania Twain, Fred Again, John Legend and DJ Khaled, to name a few.

From today until November 30 you will find a lot of additional content from your favorite artists around the world thanks to From Apple Music With Love. Fans to find all the content that the platform made available to artists during the holiday season.

Find the content right now on Apple Music

Recently, the medium Variety published a report where it indicates that the “gifts” by the multiple artists will have a few extra questions. You will be able to find some “live recordings, new versions of favorite songs, the reissue of a classic album with a new Christmas record and mixes”.

First of all, you will be able to find a great gift that accompanies the “ace of British electronics”, thus nicknamed by the media, comes Fred Again.

Now, you can also find the Boiler Room set available to fans on Apple Music and that you can surely enjoy. Inclusive, the artists involved declared that it was a complete “chaos” denoting the explosiveness and emotion that you will find.

The artist indicated that it was quite an experience, since he was “almost unable to do anything” along with all the things that were happening at that time. He pointed out the expectation that he had to pass this interesting set, but that when the time came for him he observed the explosiveness of the show. The artist said “when I do mine I will have my best friend here” hoping that his colleagues would support him, but when the time came he mentioned: “my best friends couldn’t get close anyway”.

Remember to have your subscription

Of course, it is worth noting the obvious requirement to be able to view this large amount of content as a gift from Apple Music and that is to have a subscription. In this way you will find this interesting set, as well as many others through your subscription.

Remember that you can also use Apple One as an option if you use Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade or some other company service. Although the main idea is have the Apple Music subscription on your account with the individual plan from 10.99 euros per month. Although you can also access the Voice plan from 4.99 per month or opt for the Family plan for up to 6 people with the full experience of the platform from 16.99 euros per month.