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Apple Music Classical could come as late as 2022

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Apple’s new streaming service with classical music has been in preparation for some time. Now there are first indications that a start is imminent.

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Apple Music currently caters to fans of classical music only to a relatively limited extent: although there is a wide range, neither the search nor the display of the available content is really perfect. The group is well aware of this. He therefore bought Primephonic, a streaming provider specializing in the genre, in August 2021. However, the integration has been stalled so far: There is still nothing to be seen of a brand new Apple Classic app that first appeared in April. Now there are new indications of an imminent start.

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The jailbreak expert @aaronp613, who works for the Havoc repo, found information about this for the first time in Apple’s own backend for the streaming service. It explicitly mentions the new and independent content type “Classical” for Apple Music. An app string for the previously unreleased Apple Classical application (“”) was also found. Both indicate that Apple is preparing for the release of content and app.

Apple had promised a “significantly improved experience of classical music” when buying Primephonic – this includes “exclusive audio content” in addition to special playlists for styles and composers that you want to adopt from the provider. “Primephonic’s best features” are expected to end up in the new Apple Classical app, including the much-requested “better browsing and search functions for composers and repertoire, detailed displays of classical music metadata and [weitere] new function”.

In April, strings that appeared in a beta of the Android version of Apple Music showed that Apple will probably call the new Primephonic-based app Apple Classical. It is still unclear whether the classic area will be integrated into this or whether there will also be an extra classic app for Android. It’s definitely on the way for iOS.

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So far everything looks as if Apple is not trying to generate additional income with Apple Classical – according to the latest findings, the service will simply be part of Apple Music, which costs 10 euros a month. Existing customers and new subscribers with an account can access both Apple Music and Apple Classical. How the networking of the two apps will be implemented – whether you will only find classical music in the Classical app in the future or whether there are links from Apple Music – has not yet been leaked. One thing is clear: the demand for a better classical music service is definitely there and could help Apple Music’s user growth.

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