Apple Music Classical app launched for Android devices


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A apple launched this Tuesday (30) the application Music Classical for devices that have the operating system android shipped. The app is now available on the Google Play Store and expands the software beyond the iPhone for the first time.

Much like ‌Apple Music‌ for Android, the Classical app for the Android system Google largely reflects the design of its version for the iOS. Notably, the app for the rival system arrived before Apple released it for iPad or Mac.

The ‌Apple Music‌ Classical app gives subscribers access to over five million classical music tracks, including new releases, as well as numerous curated playlists, thousands of exclusive albums and other features.


The interface is simple to interact with, specifically classical music. Unlike the “regular” Apple Music‌ app, Classical lets users search by composer, work, conductor, catalog number, and more.

Apple also works closely with classical music institutions and artists to deliver exclusive content and recordings, and users must have an ‌Apple Music‌ or Apple One subscription to use the app on any system.

It is worth remembering that, in 2021, Apple announced that it had purchased the classical music streaming service Primephonic and would incorporate it into ‌Apple Music‌ through a new app dedicated to the genre. Apple launched ‌Apple Music‌ Classical in March.