Apple Maps introduces offline maps feature

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Apple Maps is about to launch a long-awaited feature for users: offline maps. With the arrival of iOS 17, users will be able to download parts of a map to access turn-by-turn navigation even without an Internet connection. This news is a big step forward for those who have criticized the lack of this feature in Apple Maps, as it will allow them to access directions and places of interest without relying on an online connection.

Offline maps for limitless navigation

With Apple Maps’ offline mapping feature, users can download specific areas of the map and use them to navigate without an Internet connection. This is especially useful when traveling in unfamiliar areas or with poor signal coverage. By downloading a given area, users will be able to view nearby locations, time-of-arrival estimates, and receive precise directions for driving, walking, biking, and using public transportation.

It is important to note that offline maps will only cover areas that have been previously downloaded. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid straying too far from the established route if the destination is not known, as the areas not downloaded will not be available offline.

A long awaited feature

The lack of offline maps has been a frequent complaint among Apple Maps users. Even compared to Google Maps, which has offered this feature for several years, Apple Maps had lagged behind. This update represents a great advance in the Apple application, which will now offer its users a more complete and reliable browsing experience.

Additional improvements in Apple Maps

In addition to offline maps, Apple is introducing other improvements to its maps application. It will now be easier to find trails and park routes in the United States, since Apple Maps will provide detailed information on the length, difficulty and elevation gain of each route. This will be of great use to nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

Another significant improvement is the real-time availability of charging stations for electric vehicles. Users will be able to filter stations based on charging network, plug type and other options, making it easier for EV owners to plan trips.

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