Apple makes it easier to find concerts from its apps


If you are one of those who want to be informed about the concerts of their favorite artists, or those that are scheduled in your area, you will be interested in learning about Apple’s new proposal.

A proposal that reaches Apple Music and Apple Maps to make it easier for you to find concerts, without depending on third-party apps.

New feature in Apple Music to find live events

Apple is expanding its efforts so that users can discover concerts from its Music and Apps apps, and not have to search for that information in the competition. And for this, you will see a series of changes in these apps.

For example, in the Apple Music app you will find a new section within the “Explore” tab with a selection of tours by your favorite artist and songs that are part of those tours. You will be able to filter the events taking into account your current location, or a series of places recommended by the app.

A dynamic similar to what we find in the Spotify app in the “Live Events” section. First, it shows the events that are near your location, and then, a list with all the concerts scheduled for the next few months.

And in the case of Spotify, it has a bonus, since it allows users to start the ticket purchase process directly from the app.

Guides in Apple Maps to listen to live music

On the other hand, Apple Maps will include more than 40 guides with recommendations to find places to listen to live music. Directly from the app, users will be able to search for these places and see if there are concerts available.

Each of the guides offers you a brief summary of the style of music that you can find and a series of recommendations for places to visit. And when you choose one of them, you will see that it shows you all the live events that are scheduled, as well as the option to see if there are tickets available, add to the calendar, etc.

At the moment, this option only covers Paris, London, Mexico, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, among others.

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