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Apple M2 Max is back on Geekbench, and this time it’s perky

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L’M2 Max back to rearing its head on Geekbench. A few days after the previous appearance on Geekbench, where the scores had not impressed, the next high-performance chip from Apple would be back on the benchmark for another workout. The conditional is a must, because as we often say it is possible to make fun of the platform, it would not be the first case.

The characteristics of the machine that would have spun the chip on Geekbench match those of last time. Mac14,6with macOS version 13.2not even in beta yet (the latest version sent to the developers is 13.1), and an a 12 cores and with 96GB of memory RAM. Same script, in short, identical, were it not for the higher frequency (3.68GHz now, 3.54GHz before) and for i scores assigned by Geekbench which this time they are more online with what is expected of the second generation of Apple Silicon max.

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2,027 points in single core and almost 15 thousand (14,888 to be exact) in the test in multi core, about 200 more in the first and 1,000 more in the second than the previous release which stood out for the scores quite in line with the first generation chip. Perhaps we are not yet on the performance levels it will have when fully operational, and also the version Very macOS beta may have harnessed the chip both in the past and now, but at least there’s a sign.

It is unlikely that the extra 150 Mhz could have made such a difference, more likely that Apple is playing hide and seek with the performance of the M2 Max, assuming that the tests are true about the identity of the chip. Behind the logo Mac14,6 could be hiding there next generation MacBook Pro or Mac Studio. The new high-performance laptops should have already been official, but the unrest in China and the difficulties Apple is experiencing in producing an adequate number of units of the products already in the range should be the basis of the delay.


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