Apple loses another piece: via processor expert, now in Microsoft’s court


After Jeff Wilcox, who returned to Intel after more than eight years in Cupertino, Apple has lost another member of its team dedicated to semiconductor development. The chip architect Mike Filippo, in fact, after almost three years spent at Tim Cook’s court, was hired by Microsoft where he will work on the development of processors for Azure servers in the team led by Rani Borkar.

With this assumption, as reported by Bloomberg, Microsoft is aiming to further enhance the servers that power its cloud computing services currently based on Intel and AMD processors.

Mike Filippo’s career reported on LinkedIn

Mike Filippo, LinkedIn reports, joined Apple in 2019, after about ten years in Arm where he was involved in the development of some of the basic technologies used in both smartphones and other types of devices. Filippo was responsible for the development of several Arm architectures, including Cortex-A76, Cortex-A72, Cortex-A57 and 7nm + and 5nm chips. Before joining Arm, Filippo had worked just over eight years at AMD and five at Intel.

Rumors have been circulating about Microsoft’s desire to build its own processor for some time. At the end of 2020, we recall, Bloomberg had reported rumors that the Redmond company was starting to equip itself to start the internal development of its own chipset to be used not only in its servers but also in the devices of the Surface line it uses. chip from Intel.