Apple leaves the iPhone 13 without noise cancellation, why?

An iPhone 13
apple leaves the iphone 13 without noise cancellation, why?

An iPhone 13

The Noise Cancellation in calls is one of the best features that iPhones have. With it, the calls improve their quality a lot, and allow the person on the other end of these calls to be heard more clearly. But for some reason that we cannot understand, Apple has stripped its most modern mobiles, the iPhone 13, of this very useful feature. Now we know more about this soap opera that has resulted in one of the most bizarre and incomprehensible situations around the mobile phones of the Cupertino firm.

The iPhone 13 loses support for this function

As we say, a few months ago this function disappeared from the iPhone 13, which had it for a short time, even with iOS 15 installed. After waiting several weeks for a solution, users of these phones have insisted on Apple support to give them a solution or at least a reassuring answer about what is going on. And the response from these could not have been more discouraging. The conversation to which 9to5Mac has had access shows that the iPhone 13 no longer has support for this function.

Settings of an iPhone 12 Pro with noise cancellation
Settings of an iPhone 12 Pro with noise cancellation smart life

And worst of all, indefinitely, not temporarily. Because in the revealed conversation they are blunt from Apple support “TWe have news about this. Phone noise cancellation isn’t available on iPhone 13 models, so you don’t see this option in settings” This is how direct the response of Apple support has been to the questions of the users of their mobiles. After insisting on the subject, and waiting to know if it is a specific problem or something permanent, Apple has asserted that “It is correct. It is not supported” which makes it clear that Apple has ended support for this mode on the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 12 keep it

Well, the truth is that, although Apple is quite blunt through its support service, the reality is that there is no explanation. We don’t know why Apple removes support from the iPhone 13 for a feature that however it is preserved in its predecessors. It is something that makes no sense, unless there are news to come that can improve this functionality in the coming months, otherwise, no one understands it.