Apple launches iOS 16.5 with few news weeks after the announcement of iOS 17

ios 16.5.jpg
ios 16.5.jpg

Apple has launched iOS 16.5, which brings little news to the gates of Apple announcing iOS 17 at the WWDC event in early June.

The biggest addition in iOS is a sports tab in the Apple News app, which apparently makes it easier to follow sports news. However, this app is not available in Spain.

Also, resolves an issue that prevented Screen Time activity from properly syncing. iOS and iPadOS pick up new Pride-themed wallpapers.

The iOS update fixes a Spotlight freezing bug and issues with the Podcasts app in CarPlay.

It also fixes a long list of security issues, three of which are being “actively exploited.” Two of them were, in fact, fixed by Apple in its first use of the Rapid Security Response feature earlier this month, though Apple didn’t say at the time which vulnerabilities it was patching (both are WebKit bugs).

Apple has also released watchOS 9.5, tvOS 16.5, and HomePod software version 16.5. The watchOS update adds a Pride wallpaper that matches the iOS one, among other fixes.

Apple has teased some accessibility features coming to iOS and iPadOS 17 and macOS 14, but otherwise we don’t know much about what features they’ll include.

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