Apple, its Reality Pro will be “the last hope” for the AR / VR viewer market


The future of the AR/VR headset market could be in the hands of Reality Pro, the mixed reality headset that Apple should announce during the opening keynote of WWDC, the annual conference dedicated to developers to be held in Cupertino from 5 to 9 next June.


At least that’s what the analyst thinks Ming Chi Kuo who took stock of the current situation of a market that is definitely struggling to take off despite the presence of players of the caliber of Sony and Meta. Indeed, according to Kuo, both of these producers would have encountered significant difficulties in ensuring a wide adoption of their products.

According to IDC, the headset market will still be growing slowly until 2027

Data in hand, the shipments of Meta’s Quest Pro viewer they reached just 300,000 units, while Sony has reduced its 2023 production plan for its PlayStation VR2 by 20%. Pico (China’s top maker of AR/VR headsets) also saw a 40% decrease in shipments of its headset compared to its initial forecast for 2022.

“There is currently not enough evidence to suggest that AR/VR headsets could become the next flagship product in consumer electronics in the foreseeable future. Apple’s announcement is probably the last hope to convince investors.”


Despite challenges and uncertainties, therefore, Kuo believes Apple still might have the opportunity to revolutionize the market of AR/VR viewers with its Reality Pro also going to influence key component suppliers in the optical sector in the coming years.

Apple’s first mixed reality headset, according to many rumors circulating to date, is expected to be a premium product that will retail for around $3,000 but will offer top features including an “innovative three-display configuration” with two 4K Micro-LED panels. Among other features there would be sensors for tracking the iris and for detecting facial expression. In development there would also be a cheaper version of the viewer which should be ready no earlier than 2025.

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