Apple is working on launching a folding screen device, and there will be a big surprise

Apple is working on launching a folding screen device, and there will be a big surprise
apple is working on launching a folding screen device, and

Definitely, the market for folding they are an option for almost all manufacturers (one of the last to confirm their arrival is Google with a phone). While, Manzana does not show signs of life in it, but this does not mean that the Cupertino company is not seriously considering taking the step of launching your own products. And, for this reason, there are rumors that little by little are being confirmed.

What is known to date is that Apple will launch its first foldable device in the form of a hybrid. In other words, it will not launch a smartphone as is the case with the rest of the competition and what it has in mind is to put it up for sale a hybrid between iPad and MacBook laptops. And when could this happen? Well, everything indicates that the chosen moment will be the year 2025.

Until today, the details about the device remain scarce, however, there is news that is based on the patents obtained by the North American company. Thus, hope is not lost may the firm of the bitten apple continue working on this “folding laptop” that could be quite surprising.

information that has become known

According to Patently Apple, an application recently published by Apple in the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been found that shows the shape and folding mechanism conceptually of the device we are talking about and that could be used in its first folding device.

Patent Apple

Apple’s patent describes the foldable device as more of a “laptop” than a tablet. In addition, it explains that this product will have a flexible internal screen -of unknown size- that would extend from the upper section to the lower one. These sections would be connected via a hinge in the center. It is also mentioned that it will be used an external screenwhich would be a very useful addition if confirmed.

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Apple will finally get on the payable bandwagon

In addition, the patent mentions a large tactile sensor that will serve to access a keyboard which, obviously and due to the use of two screens, cannot be integrated in the traditional way. It is said that this element will also work in combination with the external screen.

It’s important to mention that this patent application is just one of many steps in the patenting process for this particular foldable device, so no prediction is offered as to the exact time it will launch or even what the device will be called. . According to analyst Mark Gurman, this foldable Apple device could appear as early as 2025, and possibly would be followed by an Apple iPhone with folding screen.