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Apple is working on a great novelty for future iPads, what is it about?

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Apple is working on a great novelty for future iPads, what is it about?

Everything indicates that in a short time there will be a new range of tablets iPad and its professional Pro variant. In it, interesting news is expected, such as the use of new processors and more advanced functions, (which is due especially to the iPadOS operating system). But this does not mean that Apple does not work looking much further, and new information has become known about this.

And one of the sections in which the Cupertino firm has set its goal is to make a qualitative leap from the mini-LED screens currently used by the vast majority of iPads. And, this is very important because this component is very important in tablets because they include a larger element than what is possible to find in phones. That is, they live and die for the panels What do they use.

The plans that Apple has with its iPad

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Well, from what has been known, the company currently led by Tim Cook has in mind to make a significant leap in the medium term. And this is none other than changing the screen time used on tablets to offer better quality and, by extension, usage options for users. Thus, the idea they have in the company of the bitten apple is to integrate panels OLED. A longing for users for a long time, it must be said.

White Apple iPad

Thus, Apple has decided increase resources that invests in achieving this goal, so it is very clear that it is definitely looking to make the idea a reality. And, to achieve this, apart from putting money on the table -something that is absolutely necessary-, what has been decided is to increase the number of suppliers with which it works in terms of screens. In this way, it is expected to give an important push regarding the arrival of hybrid OLED panels to the iPad.

A technology that will make people talk… if it can be achieved

What Apple has in mind is combine rigid and flexible OLED panels to solve the problems offered by the last mentioned, in what has to do with durability and precision. In addition, it has been detected that the flexible ones, if used in large equipment, tend to deform a bit, something that is not acceptable for those from Cupertino (and thus, for example, this does not happen to the iPhone).

If we take into account that the trend is that the iPad, like the rest of the tablets, tend to have a screen greater than ten inches, it is clear that making hybrid technology functional seems like a excellent idea. And, furthermore, if you invest in several providers, it may be that the company’s tablets with OLED panels are closer than many thought (the year 2025 was indicated in some cases, which is almost nonsense).

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