Apple is already thinking about the second generation AR headset: LG’s Micro OLED display


The first augmented / virtual reality viewer from Apple has not even arrived yet: in fact, rumors about it have been circulating for some time now, but the South Korean financial newspaper The Elec adds an interesting detail, and that is that LG will be part of the supplier chain. More specifically, it should be in charge of development and production of the internal display with Micro OLED technology.

The first generation viewer should use Sony Micro OLED panels, but LG would in fact already be involved in the production of the external display. It will use normal OLED technology and should serve to project the user’s face outward, in order to help overcome the barrier between the real world and the virtual world. According to the source, LG would have ordered the machinery for the production of Micro OLEDs from compatriot Sunic System.

We know that Apple has a rather ambitious plan on augmented reality, in gestation for several years now, and aims not to give up so quickly: there would also be a pair of AR glasses very similar (at least in category) to Google Glass in the pipeline. It is worth specifying that this indiscretion does not deal with glasses, but the direct successor of the viewer that will open the doors of the metaverse for the Cupertino company.

Both the “Apple Glass” (provisional name of course) and the second generation headset are expected to arrive in the course of 2024, but everything could still change significantly. Many expected a first preview on the viewer, or at least on the operating system at the base (it should be called realityOS), during the WWDC 2022, instead there was absolutely nothing.

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