Apple increasingly focuses on advertising and streaming | Rumor


Apple wants to focus more and more on streaming and advertising: according to the sources of Business Insider the services division of the company would be in the process of restructuring by pushing in particular on these two sectors, and in some way by downsizing the others. Apparently Eddy Cue, the division’s Senior Vice President, has already started making the first changes. For instance:

  • Peter Stern, one of the division’s VPs, was also responsible for advertising, but will now focus solely on Apple One services.
  • Todd Teresi will be the head of advertising

Of course, Apple is a hardware company first and foremost, but software services profits have been soaring significantly in the recent period. Let’s take the only source of advertising revenue, namely Apple Store Search Ads: in 2021 they recorded a turnover of 3.7 billion dollars. A drop in the ocean, sure, but it’s a 238% growth over the previous year; and for 2022 the projections are for further growth, up to 5.5 billion dollars.

Apparently part of the credit for this growth is even attributable to the new privacy policies of iOS – the famous App Tracking Transparency release with version 14.5 of the operating system. With the loss of effectiveness of “traditional” online advertising circuits such as Google and Facebook, the developers have decided to focus their efforts on Apple’s own service.

On the streaming side, work is in progress, but one of the next “hits” that Apple could hit is the arrival of NFL football on TV Plus. It has been rumored for some time, and the source confirms that negotiations are underway. The business model that the Apple could adopt is not yet clear: the matches could come with advertising or be part of a bundle that includes multiple sports and disciplines.

It is worth mentioning that TV Plus already has an active partnership with MLB, Major League Baseball; it materializes in the program called Friday Night Baseball, in which two full matches are broadcast live every Friday. Availability is limited to some markets, mainly North and South Americans; as far as Europe is concerned, for now there is only the United Kingdom.

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