Apple increases production of miniLED panels

A recent report from earlier this week threw up some interesting data on Apple. It shows that the company sold in the last quarter during 2021 more MacBook Pro with miniLED display than all high-end OLED laptop manufacturers combined. That said, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the company is going to push harder with this new MacBook.

Chain production of miniLED

On a tweet, Ming-Chi Kuo say what:

Although the laptop/PC market is suffering from the Russo-Ukrainian war/inflation, Apple continues to aggressively expand the supply chain capacity of miniLED panels for the MacBook Pro, aiming to increase by 20-30%.

The interesting thing here, is that during this report, Kuo wrote about Apple does not plan to launch new miniLED products this yearwhich would happen to mean that a new 11-inch iPad with this panel was off the product list.

However, the blog 9to5Mac still insists that he has reason to believe that at least one other miniLED product will come this year, this would be a Pro version of the Studio Display. It is also interesting to see that Apple intends to produce even more miniLED panels.

However, not only will producing more minLEDs end up making it cheaper, it also shows that the company has got it right with this new MacBook Pro.

Young’s report on the miniLED

Here’s what DSCC’s Ross Young reported earlier this week about the MacBook Pro with miniLED display:

Q4 21 was a record quarter for advanced laptop displays, rising 298% QoQ and 1717% YoY to 4.8 million panels. In annual terms, in 2021 there was an increase of 629% year-on-year to reach 8.2 million panels. The year 2021 was 10% higher than anticipated, as both Apple’s MiniLED and OLED MacBook Pros outperformed in Q4 2021.

MiniLEDs reached a 54% share in the fourth quarter of 21 and gained a 32% share for the year thanks to the successful launch of Apple’s 14.2″ and 16.2″ MacBook Pros. Apple surprised its competition by implementing 120Hz as there were no OLED laptops yet available at 120Hz. MiniLED’s 2021 results ended up being 30% higher than our forecast despite supply chain constraints, as Apple and its partners resolved these issues better than expected.

The report also says that Apple is expected to lead this category with the MacBook Pro from Q4 21 to Q4 22. This with at least a 40% share on a unit basis and 56% on a basis of basis. revenue each quarter.

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Last but not least. Both Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo began reporting that a new 15-inch MacBook Air is in the works for 2023. Here’s a little more of these recent reports about the future of the MacBook