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Apple: If you want the iOS 16 beta, download it officially

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There is a lot of desire to get the definitive version of iOS 16. But until Apple releases the software publicly, we can only access, right now, being a developer and therefore we access a beta version, which although stable can present bugs. Some users are impatient to try it and risk downloading versions of this beta from unofficial Web pages. Apple is willing to end this practice requesting the closure of all those websites.

Apple asks that unofficial websites where you can download the iOS 16 beta be closed

The developers enrolled in the Apple program are right now testing the iOS 16 beta and adapting their applications and/or programs to it, so that it is September when the free version for all audiences comes out, everything goes smoothly. The rest of us can only watch carefully the progress and Waiting for that version to come out.

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There are those who can get impatient and rush to install that beta on the device to try out the new features. But keep in mind that install a beta not being a developer, it is very risky. It is true that Apple’s test versions are quite stable, but that does not mean that problems can arise and if we have installed it on the main device, we can run out of it.

Apple also knows this and warns it very clearly and repeatedly. However, there are those who ignore this advice and search the Internet for a way to install these trial versions from unofficial pages, somehow bypassing the company’s security filters. That supposes a double problem for the company:

  1. lack of security For the users
  2. lack of credibility of a company that its software is leaked

That is why he does not want that to happen and is doing everything possible to avoid it. One of the measures is to close these Web pages. Apple requests it and if they do not have to do with the company in a legal battle that they will surely lose. For example, it has happened to betaprofiles that has closed down to avoid a costly lawsuit that they surely were not going to win.

Apple doesn’t want anyone to meddle in its business. If you want the iOS 16 beta, or any other, it will have to be from their official site. You are interested because so you know what devices have it installed and what can you do with them.

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