Apple-Huawei for “Vision Pro”: The battle for the name in China

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The Apple-Huawei battle over “Vision Pro” has implications for Apple and its foray into mixed reality hasn’t been an easy ride.

In an unexpected twist, Apple is in a legal battle over the use of the name “Vision Pro” for its mixed reality headset in China.

Huawei, which has already registered the trademark in the country, owns the exclusive rights to the name.

Unless Apple can reach an agreement with Huawei, it will be forced to rebrand its headphones in the Chinese market.

The legal dispute: Apple-Huawei for “Vision Pro”

Huawei obtained the trademark registration for “Vision Pro” on May 16, 2019, and owns the exclusive usage rights in China for the trademark “Vision Pro” From the end of November 2021 to the end of November 2031.

The brand has been actively used by Huawei in the Chinese market, including smart TVs and smart glasses under the Vision brand.

This poses a challenge for Apple if it wants to market its headphones as the Vision Pro in China, as it will need to enter into negotiations with Huawei to get the trademark released, possibly involving a financial deal.

legal background

It is not the first time that Apple has faced this type of challenge in China. In 2012, he had to pay $60 million to Proview Technology for the rights of the trademark “iPad” in the country.

Although Apple argued that it had already acquired the rights through an agreement with the Taiwanese division of Proview, it eventually had to reach a financial agreement to be able to use the trademark in China.

This current situation with Huawei presents a similar scenario, demonstrating the importance of protecting trademark rights in the Chinese market.

Apple-Huawei for “Vision Pro”: Implications for Apple

The trademark rights dispute in China poses a significant challenge for Apple as it attempts to enter the mixed reality market.

Despite this situation, the company has plans to launch the Vision Pro headset in the United States early next year and expand to other countries in 2024.

However, to succeed in the Chinese market, Apple will need to resolve this dispute and find a favorable solution with Huawei.

Rivalry in the mixed reality sector

In addition to legal issues, Apple is also facing strong competition in the mixed reality market.

Companies like Facebook (with Oculus), Sony (with PlayStation VR) and Microsoft (with HoloLens) already have a presence and have developed products in this field.

Mixed reality is a growing sector with potential applications in various industries, such as entertainment, education, and medicine.

To stand out in this highly competitive market, Apple needs to overcome legal hurdles and offer an immersive and advanced experience to users.

Overcoming obstacles: Apple’s challenge in the mixed reality market in China

The dispute between Apple and Huawei over the name “Vision Pro” in China represents a significant challenge for Apple as it attempts to enter the mixed reality market.

Resolving this dispute and securing trademark rights in the country will be crucial to Apple’s success. As competition in the mixed reality market intensifies.

Apple should strive to offer a unique proposition and attractive to users and overcome legal obstacles that may arise in your path.