Apple: how to completely turn off the iPhone so that it is not reachable


The worst nightmare of modern times: losing your cell phone while it is off. Ringing to discover the location of the smartphone no longer works and you only depend on good memory and some luck. Now, if you have an iPhone from Manzana, there is something you can do to avoid fright.

Apple’s iOS 15 update has improved the service Find My, which allows you to find, locate and erase lost Apple devices, as well as track certain iPhones even after it is turned off.

From now on, Apple will use the chip U1 energy efficient to keep tracking an iPhone’s location even after it’s turned off. The feature appears once you install iOS 15 on a compatible iPhone (iPhone 11 and later, including the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro).

When the iPhone from Manzana, the device runs the Bluetooth Low Energy chip through a custom applet. This keeps the iPhone sending cryptographically secure data to other Apple devices. When someone walks past your powered off iPhone, they will detect that information and transmit that information using the Find My network.

This brings us to a simple question: how do I permanently turn off the iPhone? First, when you go to turn off the iPhone, tap the little button “iPhone Findable After Power Off”. From here, you can choose the option “Temporarily disable search”To completely shut down the iPhone just this once.

APPLE | How to download iOS15

The steps are quite simple; However, you must do it manually if you want to get the iOS 15 operating system right now, without delay and thus be like all your friends who already have the latest version. Do the following:

  • The first thing will be to turn on your iPhone with the screen unlocked.
  • Now go to the Settings app.
  • In it you will see the section that says General.
  • When you press it go to Software Update.
  • Now just scroll down in case you have iOS 14.8.

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