Apple HomePod mini, the list price increases by 10 euros

HomePods of the second generation is fresh from its presentation – which took place yesterday – and for the first time the Apple audio device can also be purchased in Italy – in pre-order since yesterday, it will arrive in stores on February 3rd. However, there is another model available in our country: we are talking about HomePod mini, announced at the end of 2020 and which now together with the new version represents the current proposal of the American company in the smart speaker field.

However, there is a novelty that may have escaped most: the selling price has increased from 99 to 109 euros. A quick check on the Italian site was enough to confirm the 10 euro increase even in our latitudes. Below you will find the screenshot of the Apple site dated January 11 (from Web Archive) and, following, today’s one.

Apple site screenshot dated January 11, 2023

The updated Apple site as it appears today

The new positioning on the market finds a possible reason for activating the temperature and humidity sensor with which it was already equipped but which had until now remained deactivated. Apple advertised it with the 2nd generation HomePod, now apparently it can also be used on the more compact speaker model.

Evidently those who already owned the device (paid for 99 euros) will find an additional “free” function, introduced via a software update, while those who intend to buy HomePod mini will now have to pay 10 euros more than before. However, it is also true that Apple has often revised (upward) prices in the past of devices already on sale after the announcement of new products. Temperature sensor or not.