Apple goes against its privacy policy and collects personally identifiable data

Apple goes against its privacy policy and collects personally identifiable data

even if the apple has said that it does not collect personally identifiable data from users, it seems that the reality is different. At least, that’s what a recent test revealed about the apple’s data collection. It is worth remembering that the company is already being processed by the App Store to collect data.

An analysis of the information showed that the iPhone maker stores something called a DSID. That is, it is a permanent identification number, which the company collects along with the traditional ID. The test was carried out by Tommy Myskwho is a developer and security researcher, and his partner Talal Haj Bakry and talked about the situation:

Knowing the DSID is like knowing your name. It is individual to your identity. All these detailed reviews will link directly to you. And that’s a problem because there’s no way to turn it off.

In its privacy policy, Apple says that personal data is not recorded and is subject to privacy preservation techniques. Likewise, she claims that this information is deleted before being sent. Still, that was not what the analysis of tommy and Talal Haj Bakry revealed.

Even though in August the apple was shown as a company that collects less data compared to Google and Twitter, it is still something to worry about, according to the developers who did the analysis. Also according to them, the analytical data detail each and every step that the user takes while using the manufacturer’s devices.

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