Apple fixes the unlocking of your new iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch, how?

Last Friday, September 24, the new iPhone 13s arrived in stores and, practically from that first moment, millions of users verified that one of the most important functions arrived in 2021 was not capable of working on the new devices. It is about unlocking the screen through the Apple Watch when we wear a mask. Face ID, which is having a terrible time during the pandemic because it has lost a good part of its meaning and usefulness, relies on the Apple watch so that the user does not have to touch the screen to enter the PIN when going down the street with a mask on but, as in the case of the iPhone 13 seems broken, what has Apple decided to do? Patch on the way in record time What Apple has decided is nothing more than to introduce the fix to this problem practically immediately since those users who are testing the beta version of iOS 15.1 have found that this screen unlock with the Apple Watch It is already corrected in the iPhone 13. That is, the connection between the two devices has been reestablished. Remember that all the problem that currently exists between the Apple Watch (Series 3 and higher) and the iPhone 13 has its origin in a communication error between both, since when trying to activate that function of unlocking the mobile through the clock, iOS It returns the error that it was impossible to recover the connection. At the moment that version of iOS 15.1 is exclusively in beta version so it will need some small adjustments and tests before being officially published, which we hope will happen in the next few days, perhaps when we welcome the month of October. It will be then when all users can wear their masks on the street and, without taking them off, unlock their iPhone 13 without touching the screen. Keep in mind that iOS 15 arrived on all Apple devices last Monday, September 20, and it is usually common to find small bugs that must be fixed in the first patches. Hence, such a focused problem has been fixed so quickly by those from Cupertino, who do not want, on the first day, to anger those who have rushed to buy their new terminals. >