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Apple Fitness+, how to project workout metrics with AirPlay 2

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The time of year to come together, celebrate and inevitably eat and drink a little more than usual is upon us. If you were to put on a few kilos then you might be tempted by thegym membership or from one somewhat more flexible training solutionwhich is for example Fitness+ for Apple customers. For some time now, the Apple training service has been addressing a wider audience: if an iPhone and a Watch were needed before, from iOS 16.1 onwards, all you need is an iPhone.

In short, now it is even more flexible, and it is also by virtue of the fact that the workouts streaming can be project yourself on a screen larger than the iPhone (a TV or even a monitor) through AirPlay 2. Recently, Apple allows you to transfer with AirPlay 2 also the training metricsso it is worth devoting a few lines to this, i.e. a how to view metrics using AirPlay 2 in case they are not shown.

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Note: to find out if you have a product compatible with the protocol, you can consult the Apple list; those who own an Apple TV needn’t worry about a thing: the metrics are automatically displayed during training.

  1. open the app Fitness on iPhone or iPad
  2. tap on Fitness+ down
  3. select the workout to follow
  4. before touching Play/Playselect the AirPlay symbol
  5. select the device you want to play on under the section Videos and metrics
  6. once selected, tap Play/Play
  7. wait for the countdown
  8. verify that the video stream with superimposed metrics is transferred to the selected device.

However, Apple gives you the choice what to transfer with AirPlay after tapping on the symbol, in point 5 to be clear. The options are three: Video and metrics, video only or audio only, through an AirPlay 2 compatible speaker.

Conversely, for remove the metrics display just tap the symbol next to the AirPlay one at the bottom of the screen and turn off the switch next to Show metrics.

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