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Apple finally brings its Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro apps to iPad tablets

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apple-finally-brings-its-final-cut-pro-and-logic-pro.jpg" width="980" height="565" alt="Apple finally brings its Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro apps to iPad tablets">

Good news for creators: Manzana has officially confirmed that it will bring its video and music creation tools to the ipads. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available from May 23 on the devices we have mentioned, as long as they are models that include M1 or M2 processors -and the latter on devices with A12 Bionic chips or later-.

Even the Cupertino company has communicated what will be the price that the developments will have: each one will cost $4.99 per month or $49 in a one-time annual payment through a subscription in the App Store, with a free trial of one month. The logical thing is to expect a direct conversion to euros in Spain.

Using the Final Cut Pro app on an iPad

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Some details of this landing on the iPad

In final cut pro one is included new adjustment wheel to make editing easier and, in addition, it allows you to interact with your content in new ways. Live Drawing allows you to draw and write directly on video content with the apple stylusand on iPads with M2, the Pencil hover feature will allow you to quickly review and preview your footage without touching the screen.

Among the available options will be to view and edit HDR-quality content on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and, in this way, it will be possible to apply color gradations with precision using the Reference Mode. An option called Pro for the camera is also included, with it it will be possible to record high-quality videos, monitor sound and manually control focus, exposure and white balance. This is a good option, even for making signature recordings directly from the tablet.

Editing with Final Cut Pro on an iPad

A couple of good options to know about

If your iPad has the M2 chipyou can enjoy options of advanced editingsuch as working with multi-camera video or the option that allows you to change the angle with a single touch.

Also, the mask delete scene it will allow you to remove or replace the background behind a subject in a clip, auto-crop adjusts to different aspect ratios, and it will be possible to remove background noise. Of course, you also get a vast library of graphics, effects and audio, including backgrounds and professional soundtracks that adapt to the length of the video.

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Logic Pro also arrives

With this development you can use virtual instruments and comfortably interact with the controls directly from Apple iPads. You will be able to capture voice recordings or any sound with the microphones built into the tablets and, of course, the compatibility with the firm’s styluses is perfect.

Logic Pro app on an Apple iPad

The Sound Browser allows you to save plug-in presets, pre-made samples, and loops. Additionally, over 100 instrument and effect plugins are included. And you can even cut, program beats, and create custom drum kits.

The complete mixer gives you everything you need to create a professional mix on your iPad, and it doesn’t lack an option called multitouch to move several faders at the same time. Come on, it is a most complete tool.

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