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Apple explains the eight cases in which the Always Active Display turns off

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apple has released a new supporting document with additional details on the new always-on display mode on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The document lists eight scenarios in which the always-on display temporarily turns off.

To save battery life, Apple says that the screen goes completely dark when:

  1. iPhone is upside down
  2. iPhone is in your pocket or bag
  3. The iPhone has the concentration mode of sleep activated
  4. The iPhone has low power mode activated
  5. iPhone is connected to CarPlay
  6. iPhone is using using Camera Continuity
  7. The iPhone has not been used for a while
  8. The iPhone detects that you have moved away from it using a paired Apple Watch
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Regarding case (7), according to Apple, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can learn your “activity patterns” and turn the always-on display on and off accordingly. For example, Apple says the display can work in conjunction with a user’s alarm or sleep schedule if they have one set.

Always-on screen mode is enabled by default. To turn it off, open the Settings app, tap the Display & Brightness menu, and turn off “Always Show”

The iPhone 14 Pro can go down to one refresh rate up to 1 Hz to ensure that the always-on display doesn’t have too significant an impact on battery life.

Apple says the always-on display uses multiple coprocessors on the A16 Bionic chip to refresh the screen using “minimal power,” making the screen “Incredibly energy efficient.”

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