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Apple doubles the price to increase the RAM to 16GB on the MacBook Pro 13

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Cold shower for all Apple fans and in particular for those who wanted to buy a MacBook Pro. In the last few hours, Apple has doubled the price for those who want to upgrade the RAM of the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro when purchasing.

There is a good € 250 more money to spend if you want to go from 8GB to 16GB compared to the € 125 requested are to date. Similar increases also occurred in Germany and the United Kingdom. Usually, price updates take place before the launch with products offered at a higher cost than the previous models due, perhaps, to the increase in the prices of some components.

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This time instead, the Cupertino company has decided to adjust the price of a product that has arrived on the market for about a month. The entry-level model has characteristics similar to its predecessor, as it uses the same 8th generation Intel processors and many other internal components have also been added in the new version. The main difference concerns the new Magic Keyboard and it is very strange that Apple has decided to adjust the price not far from its marketing.

In recent months, supply chains around the world have had to stop production due to the current health situation, but China, where most of Apple’s manufacturing partners operate, has managed to reopen earlier than many others. countries and the situation for a month now would have improved and not worsened and therefore this choice cannot be explained. To underline then, that no increases have occurred on other devices or on other configurations in the Mac environment. A shortage or an increase in costs should have caused the prices of the other models to rise.

Even the 13-inch “MacBook Pro” has not suffered changes in the price as it uses faster RAM associated with the new Intel 10th generation processors and the amount required for the upgrade from 16 GB to 32 GB has remained unchanged.

We will see if in the next few days the American giant will provide some more information on the matter. Meanwhile, it is news today, that the production of the new iPhone 12 has officially started and that the launch should not suffer serious delays compared to previous years.

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