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Apple does not stop accumulating fines in Brazil because of the iPhone. What’s going on?

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It is a fact that the iPhone it is one of the most desired phones. Also, they recently launched their new 14 series, and the arrival of the iPhone 15 will be just as successful. Although the Cupertino-based manufacturer is having a lot of problems in Brazil.

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice is very clear that Apple is affecting consumers with the sale of its iPhone phones, since these arrive without their corresponding charger, and it is necessary to buy it separately.

It is for this reason that, last September, they ordered the suspension of the sale of their phones without the power adapter. Despite this, the company with the bitten apple has continued with the sale, and a few days ago a Brazilian court imposed a new fine on Apple for not including this accessory with the phone, as reported by foreign media.

Apple will have to send the iPhone with charger in Brazil

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On this occasion, the decision has been made by a court in the state of São Paulo. The judge has exposed that Apple makes “tied sales”, because whoever buys an iPhone for the first timedoes not have a compatible current adapter, which is why they need to buy it, since it is a separate type of sale that has been made since the past 2020.

iPhone 14 from the side

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iPhone 14 from the side Manzana

In his defense, the company with the bitten apple states that they do this in order to reduce carbon emissions and electronic waste. Despite this, the Brazilian court considers that this is just a way to earn more money.

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Therefore, the Court of Justice of São Paulo has fined Apple 19 million dollars. But this does not end here, as the court has also ordered the company to include the power adapter in the iPhone phones it has sold in Brazil. But Apple has already said it plans to appeal the decision, just as it did before, when Brazil’s Justice Ministry banned iPhone sales in the country.

In addition to this fine, Apple had already accumulated another 20 million reais, which is about 3.7 million dollars, in other fines imposed by Brazil for not selling the iPhone with its corresponding charger. But by appealing, the company buys some time with which it can continue selling its phones in Brazil, in addition to preparing its defense in court.

And of course, the disputes between Apple and Brazil do not end here, Well, the regulatory body for telecommunications in the country, which is known as Anatel, has proposed that all phones have USB Type C.

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And they are not alone in this decision, since The European Union also wants to force Apple to use this adapter in its iPhone phones from next 2024. The Lightning connector could be near its end, as even the United States Senate is considering such a proposal.


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