Apple display with mini-LED technology postponed to 2023, according to analyst

apple display with mini led technology postponed to 2023 according to.png
apple display with mini led technology postponed to 2023 according to.png

There have been rumors for a long time that Apple is planning a Pro version of the studio display. However, publication is not expected before 2023.

Apple is said to have postponed plans for a screen with mini-LED technology until 2023. That’s what the analyst Ross Young claims, who has good contacts to the relevant manufacturers due to his many years of work in the display industry and now works as a consultant.

The rumors that Apple is planning a 27-inch display the size of the studio display with a higher refresh rate have been heard and read for some time. Young suggested earlier this year that it could be sold as a Pro version, allowing for up to 120 Hertz. The reports initially made some people interested in the studio display hesitant, but soon Young announced that the publication had to be postponed to October due to the Covid lockdowns in China.

October is now moving into next year, 9to5Mac Young quoted from a Twitter post he sent to paying super followers. He now expects between January and March. The display would join the Studio Display and the Pro Display XDR, both of which do not have 120 Hertz technology.

The rumor coming from Young was also heard from Ming-Chi Kuo. However, the analyst from TF International Securities stated earlier that he did not expect the new display this year for cost reasons. Others question whether such a possible 7K screen is even coming. In terms of price, some see it between the almost 2000 euros for the Studio Display and the almost 5000 euros for the Pro Display XDR.

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