Apple develops an iPad Pro with MagSafe

42383 82227 210604 ipadpro xl.jpg
42383 82227 210604 ipadpro xl.jpg

Apple develops the next generation iPad Pro with surprises. It could be the company’s first tablet to support wireless charging. A feat that could be accomplished by adopting a “glass sandwich” design. A redesigned iPad mini is also expected to debut later this year.

Apple develops an iPad Pro with MagSafe and glass back

Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans; Bloomberg reports Thursday that the company is working to integrate wireless charging capabilities into its tablets, a product line that saw explosive growth over the past year as the coronavirus pandemic spurred a work-from-home boom.

To facilitate wireless charging, Apple is considering a glass back design for 2022. Which would bring the aesthetics of the iPad Pro in line with recent iPhone models. A magnetic wireless charging system similar to MagSafe is also in the works. Although, like MagSafe on the iPhone, the system is unlikely to offer charging rates that rival a wired setup.

Details of the fix were not reported, but Apple could be experimenting with high-output wireless power technology that exceeds MagSafe’s 15W fast charge limit. The company acquired in 2017 a New Zealand startup called PowerbyProxi; which marketed a product capable of delivering 100 watts of wireless power with a 65mm coil. As is, the ample iPad batteries are squeezed through USB-C or Lightning. The report notes that Thunderbolt will continue to be used in next-generation iPad Pro models.

Reverse charging is present in the iPhone even if it is not active

Apple is also developing so-called reverse charging, or “two-way” charging, capabilities for its high-end tablet hardware.