Apple, development problems for the AR / VR headset: it could arrive in 2023


On the Apple’s AR / VR headset rumors continue to chase each other: according to the latest rumors it should not be a product oriented to the metaverse but more to traditional multimedia, and as anticipated by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo it should however boast a computational capacity (in its “Pro” version) of the M1 chip seen on Mac Minis and 13-inch MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros.

To see it, however, the wait could be longer than expected. For some time now there has been talk of a troubled project, which would also have produced conflicts entirely at the Cupertino giant: now Mark Gurman, journalist of Bloomberg always very much into Apple’s business, reports that because of hardware and software problems that could end up slowing down development.

As a consequence of these unexpected events, the launch of the viewer of the bitten apple should therefore slide forward. The rumors until today spoke of an imminent presentation, already in 2022, but according to Gurman at this point the hypothesis of a postponement to 2023.


Specifically, the problems would be related to the dissipation of heat: the device would tend to overheat, and this would be attributable to the choice to use the M1 chip. Temperature is an important issue to be resolved absolutely and in particular for a device of this type, since the user will have to wear it on the face, and therefore there will be direct contact.

The problems, however, again according to what Gurman reported, would not stop there, and would also concern the software and cameras. Apple currently appears to have committed about 2,000 employees on the project, who will now have a great deal to do in trying to resolve the issue quickly.

A render based on the information that emerged over time that tries to imagine the appearance of Apple’s AR / VR headset.

Apparently the supply chain partners would have received the communication that the launch will jump to 2023, but the production of the components will not have to stop, on the contrary: it seems that the production for cameras of the viewer, which will be supplied by LG Innotek, will have start already in the second quarter of 2022.

Furthermore, Apple’s WWDC 2023 should focus on the development of apps for augmented reality and virtual reality destined to populate a new App Store that will arrive together with the viewer. Finally, support for this new piece of the ecosystem should already be guaranteed by iOS 16 (codenamed Sydeny) expected for June.

But all is not lost: although it is likely that the launch of the viewer will not take place before 2023, Gurman does not rule out that Apple during the WWDC 2022 may decide to show it anyway, revealing some hardware and software features.