Apple, deal reached: pays $ 30 million for raiding its employees


Apple ended yet another lawsuit by accepting payment for just under $ 30 million to some Californian employees who had sued her after being subjected for months to “embarrassing and humiliating” searches of bags and backpacks, at the end of the work shifts, which always forced them to delay the exit by 10-15 minutes .

Employees had sued Apple for the first time in 2013 but only in 2015 did the case lead to a class action, a class action lawsuit. In response to the allegations, Apple said that the searches were necessary to ensure that employees did not hide products in their bags, also pointing out that these checks they had never been required and those who did not want to be subjected to searches could simply avoid carrying a bag to work.

At first, the class action was rejected, but in the appeal phase the Californian Supreme Court was called into question which in 2020 ruled that Apple had to pay employees for the time lost during the searches. Apple and employee attorneys then reached a settlement which they then submitted for court approval last November.

Under the terms of this agreement, Apple has agreed to pay $ 29.9 million to over 14,000 employees involved in the cause who will receive payments related to their work shifts. Both current and former employees will be notified directly by Apple about the total amount they will receive.

However, since 2015, Apple has stopped all types of searches of its employees. The final approval hearing for the agreement will take place on July 7th.