Apple continues its safe expansion in India

Not long ago we talked about the expansion of Apple in other lands that are not Vietnam or China. The new emerging market for the Americans is India and a new expansion corroborates it. Apple doesn’t want to put all its eggs in one basket and needs to diversify and lor is doing big.

Three new suppliers join Apple from India

The problems that arose during the pandemic in China are well known. It was one of the strictest countries in terms of sanitary measures to avoid massive infections. These measures were not only applied privately, but the companies suffered the consequences of confinement of their workers at the slightest suspicion of contagion from any of them.

This meant that the deadlines with which Apple played for the delivery and manufacture of some devices were not met and that is why a correct decision was made: The market had to be expanded. and not just be based in China.

The new emerging market is India. A country that has decided to bet heavily on Apple just as the company has decided to bet in the same way on the country. Right now these new providers, based in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh, have been added to the list: Molex, Onsemi and Shenzhen Erwin Precision Technology. With these three providers, there are now a total of 14 in India.

We must not forget, however, that Apple’s three big suppliers are undoubtedly Foxconn, Pegatron and Tata. The latter being the one that has taken over the business previously run by Wistron.

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Although Apple is effectively expanding to other countries, it must not be forgotten that the main suppliers continue to have their residence in China. This country is very strongly linked to the American company but little by little it will become detached from it. China still has 151 suppliers. But it is true that there is also a trend that strong companies in China open “branches” in other countries. It is a way to avoid the restrictions of the Chinese authorities but to continue being that country the strongest in collaboration with one of the most established companies in the commercial scene, today, in the world.

India is on the right track and if Apple continues to trust this country we could soon see it reach the top of the company’s list. Right now 5% of iPhone production is already in India and is expected to reach 25% in the next years.