Apple confirms: the ability to stay on iOS 14 has always been “temporary”


After the release of iOS 15, Apple continued to offer users the possibility to choose between two software update versions, also specifying it on the support page dedicated to the news of the operating system. Practically, you could upgrade to iOS 15 or stay on iOS 14.8.

IOS now allows you to choose between two types of software updates in the Settings app. You can upgrade to iOS 15 as soon as it is available and have all the new features and the full set of security updates. Or you can install major security updates and continue using iOS 14.

Apple also continued to deliver major security updates for iOS 14.8 with the release of iOS 14.8.1 last October. Since then, there have been no new versions of iOS 14. In fact, support for this release appears to have basically ended.

Apple, until now, had never specified that it was a temporary option but has now officially stated it in a note reported by Ars Technica according to which “the option to stay on iOS 14 and avoid updating to ‌iOS 15‌ was always meant to be temporary”. Consequently, it is not a mistake that there are no more security updates for iOS 14.

Those who have iOS 14.8, therefore, no longer have the option to upgrade to iOS 14.8.1 but can only download and install iOS 15.2.1. ‌IPhone‌ and iPad users who want the latest security updates will in fact need to install the latest versions of ‌iOS 15‌ and iPadOS 15.

‌According to official data released by Apple, iOS 15‌ is installed only on 72% of all iPhones introduced in the last four years. 26% still have iOS 14. Considering all the iPhones in circulation, even with more than 4 years, the percentages drop to 63% for iOS 15 but rise to 30% for iOS 14.%. It is about a significantly lower adoption rate compared to previous versions and for this reason, perhaps it is not surprising that Apple is ending its “temporary” support for iOS 14.