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Apple changes its mind with its augmented reality glasses, what happened?

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Much has been said to date regarding the possible launch of augmented reality glasses by Apple, and we are talking about a model without a helmet. That is to say, that the North American firm would achieve what Google ruled out at the time. But, the latest information that has been known indicates that those of Cupertino throw in the towel… at least for the moment.

This is what emerges from information that has been published, and that indicates that due to the movements that have occurred both in the company itself From the bitten apple as in what has to do with the suppliers, it seems clear that what is happening is that Apple temporarily puts aside the idea of ​​launching lightweight glasses with a traditional design that allow full use of Augmented Reality.

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The reasons for Apple’s slowdown

Well, they are much easier to understand than you might think: the company has found More than enough difficulties for me to consider launching a product with the quality required by Apple on the market unfeasible right now. and that it offers adequate functionality. And they are both regulatory and, especially, technical, since there is no technology mature enough to achieve the desired objective. In other words, we are talking about the same thing that happened with Google in its day.

Therefore, the date of 2025 must be erased as expected for Apple Glasses to become a reality in the market. Of course, it seems that the signature does not rule out resuming development of this product -when it is much more viable to obtain adequate qualities to manufacture an augmented reality glasses that do not appear so-. And, the truth is that this seems to it will not be even in the medium termsince important advances have to be made in computational miniaturization and, even, in everything that has to do with screens.


Of course, Apple is still linked to Augmented Reality

Despite the fact that the glasses seem to be discarded for the moment, the model that includes a case seems to follow the expected course so that they can be a reality in the year 2024 or 2025 -at the latest-. These are much more traditional compared to what is known today, but less striking in what has to do with design and usability on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we are talking about a product that can be intended for use by developers. By the way, two models are expected: Reality One and Reality Pro.

By the way, it is important to note regarding these accessories that Apple intends to offer them with a lower price than initially expected. Thus, the best of the models could cost $1,600, which is not a joke, but far from what was initially indicated: $3,000. It’s something.

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