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Apple Car loses Michael Schwekutsch, an engineer with a past in Tesla

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The Apple Car project will have to do without Michael Schwekutsch, who in 2019 had been hired by Cupertino after having worked several years with Tesla where he dealt, among other things, with the development of powertrains. The professional was hired by Archer Aviation, a company that is developing eVTOL for a future flying taxi service, with the role of “Senior Vice President Engineering – Propulsion- / HV- / Battery- Systems”.

Schwekutsch has been part of the Apple Car project for nearly 3 years and certainly not good news for Cupertino. However, lately we have seen continuous departures and new arrivals of professionals linked in some way to the automotive sector. One cannot fail to remember the departure of Doug Field, the head of the Apple Car project, who switched to Ford. At the helm came Kevin Lynch who seems to have given a new direction to this project.

In early November, news broke that Apple had hired Christopher Moore, Tesla’s software director for autonomous driving. The news of Schwekutsch’s farewell is also interesting because it shows how startups working in the eVTOL sector can attract important figures.

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But where is the Apple Car project? A latest Bloomberg report from a few weeks ago stated that under the leadership of Kevin Lynch Cupertino is focusing on autonomous driving capabilities. In particular, it appears to be working on developing an electric car with full autonomous driving capabilities that require no human intervention.

According to the report, the goal would be bring it to debut by 2025, in advance of the times we talked about in the past.

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