Apple AR / VR will use the same power consumption as the MacBook …

apple vr headset plans could include 3000dpi display.jpg
apple vr headset plans could include 3000dpi display.jpg

The analyst of Manzana, Ming-Chi Kuo, continues its report on the supply chain for the new headset of Manzana, which is expected to be a combination of functions of augmented and virtual reality. In fact, Kuo said Manzana will launch the Apple AR / VR with 96W of charging power, the same amount that comes with the MacBook Pro, 14 Inch.

How do Apple AR / VR work?

The objective of the Manzana AR / VR is that the user places the device on his head as if it were a kind of mask and looks at the OLED displays high resolution, one for each eye, which will show a 360 image of their surroundings.

However, all those capabilities mean that the demands on the device’s CPU and GPU are high, and that equates to a higher power consumption.

In previous reports, Kuo mentioned that the device would have a performance Apple Silicon of class Mac. Although a direct line cannot be drawn here, the 14-inch MacBook Pro, that comes with the charger 96W, count with one M1 Pro chip, a 10-core CPU and one 16-core GPU. The headphones are most likely pointing in that direction with a Neural Engine even more robust for fast image analysis.

Needless to say, these specs are significantly higher than what can be found on an iPhone or even an iPad form factor.

Also, the product will obviously only have a few hours of battery life; Manzana is not intended to position the product as an all-day device.

What would be the price of the Apple AR / VR?

Expect the first iteration of Apple’s headphones to be high-spec and very expensive, with most reports placing the device at the price point of more than $ 1000 and a suggestion up to $ 3000.

Some have suggested that the first-gen headphones will be marketed primarily as a developer kit device.

Kuo expect annual shipments in the range of 3 millions for 2023, increasing to 15 million for 2025. The analyst predicts a second-generation device for the 2024, what will be lighter Y less expensive to buy.

However, we still have to wait a few months to see Manzana officially present its new product category.

Most analysts expect the company to show a preview of the headphones on the WWDC in June or in a special event for the media in the fall, with deliveries from late 2022 or early 2023.