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Apple AR / VR glasses will need to connect to an iPhone to …

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apples-ar-vr-headset-will-need-connection-to-other-device-such-as-iphone?utm_campaign=article_email&utm_content=article-6217&utm_source=sg&utm_medium=email">The Information site reveals that Apple has already prepared the design and chip for its next virtual reality and augmented reality glasses. However, the most relevant information is that, to function, They must be connected wirelessly to a mobile or other device to have more advanced functions. This is reminiscent of the first Apple Watch model that required carrying the iPhone to function.

Apple glasses are very advanced, they could come out earlier than expected

Reiterating the information on the design, two people familiar with this matter said that the product is ready for the production phase. This phase will be under the modality of tests. TSMC is in charge of the manufacture of the chips, The same ones that have already been in production for at least a year.

The report shows that the main SoC is not as powerful as those already seen for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It does not have the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning (machine learning), what is known in the Apple language as the Neural Engine. These glasses will function as “headphones” and will communicate with a central device, which can be an iPhone, a Mac or even an iPad. This will help display both virtual and augmented reality images and could be considered mixed reality as well.

The technology with which it works is unprecedented

Both the display driver for the glasses and the image sensor are now complete. The size of the controller is presumed to be larger than you think. The latter is because the device is intended to capture high resolution image data for the user’s environment.

On the image sensor, it is made up of a chip that converts photons into electrons to achieve digital processing of an image. Here it comes up that the Apple version is unusually large. While TSMC is also known to have had some inconvenience to produce the main chip flawlessly and has managed to overcome low yields in production.

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