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Apple and Samsung representative opposes new cellphone repair law proposed by the European Union

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The European Union is putting pressure on electronics manufacturers to support consumers with damaged products and reduce e-waste emissions. O Financial Times published a report on Wednesday (31) detailing the new obligations imposed by the set of laws proposed by the conglomerate.

The rules require cellphone manufacturers to produce maintenance parts for their products for five years counted since its launch. At least fifteen components — including screen, battery, cameras, speakers, etc. — should be made available to technical assistance for the repair of appliances during the period in question.

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By contrast, if it were in effect right now, the laws of the economic union would require companies to still be manufacturing screens, batteries and other replacement components for models launched five years ago, such as the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8.

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Under the law, devices must also show an energy efficiency label — similar to those found on products like TVs, fans and washing machines — to show battery life and other smartphone features.

Another requirement is the guarantee for the battery of the devices. The component must have a minimum duration of 500 cycles — that is, total consumption of its volume — before having its maximum capacity deteriorated to 83%. Apple, as an example, offers free replacement only if the maximum battery capacity is below 80% after 500 cycles.

Tech industry association opposes

DigitalEurope, a group that represents the technology industry on the European continent, spoke out against the new legislation proposed by the conglomerate. Made up of companies including Apple, Dell, Google, Huawei, Intel, LG and Samsung, the trade association says the decisions will have a negative impact on the economy and the environment.

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“Potential overproduction, subsequent storage and destruction of spare parts will naturally result in wasted resources, reduced material efficiency and negative economic value, resulting in higher costs for the consumer,” argues the spokesperson for the industry body.

Analysts also fear that the requirements could jeopardize the businesses of smaller manufacturers, such as Tecno and Infinix, whose current production may not meet the mandates. Companies would be forced to raise the price of your products to offset the costs and maintain their operations in Europe.

It is not the first time that the European Union has tightened its grip on the tech giants. Apple is in the crosshairs of regulatory authorities due to the iPhone’s Lightning port and the banning of third-party app stores on its operating system.

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What is your opinion on the matter? Do you think the rules are necessary? Comment below!

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