Apple and Exceptional Minds, neurodivergent creativity.

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Apple and Exceptional Minds an inspiring fusion. Recently, Exceptional Minds was supported by Apple’s Community Grants program through its program Employee Giving.

The program of Manzana matches every dollar donated by employees and provides an additional amount for every hour staff volunteers Manzana.

Apple and Exceptional Minds, knowing the academy.

Exceptional Minds helps neurodivergent people to convert their interests into their profession, its management is non-profit.

Founded in The Angels in 2011, the school focuses on helping people on the autism spectrum, who often face greater challenges in their studies and careers.

The funding provided by Manzana is used to help Exceptional Minds to train neurodivergent performers for employment in the entertainment industry.

The school uses products and technology provided in part by the community grant program of Manzana to provide technical training, practical experience and career planning.

Outstanding graduates in recognized companies.

the alumni of Exceptional Minds They have gotten jobs in industry companies like Marvel, Nickelodeon and cartoon Networkwhich is a testament to the focus of the school.

The students of Exceptional Minds they have the opportunity to work at their own pace and are responsible for the three-year program.

They receive a lot of feedback to help them set realistic expectations for their work and progress.

Students use software Adobe Creative suite room in computers Macwhich allows them to work with tools like photoshop, despues de Effects, Premiere and Cheer up.

Some special features of Manzanasuch as background sounds and guided access, can be helpful in improving student concentration.

The program of Exceptional Minds it also includes job search skills, such as writing resumes and answering interview questions, and introduces them to potential employers.

In addition to training neurodivergent artists with technical skills, Exceptional Minds it also provides them with job search skills such as resume writing and interview preparation, and introduces them to potential employers.

Through mentoring and internship programs, students have the opportunity to build relationships with potential employers and learn about their needs or work styles.

Apple and Exceptional Minds, the focus of the school.

The school is focused on creating a world where students on the autism spectrum are recognized for their talents and not for the challenges they face.

“Exceptional Minds is so unique in the way it works with students on the autism spectrum,” says Tim Daileyacademic dean of the school and director of academic programs.

The school also offers a unique approach to the way it is taught. Adapting teaching methods to the individual learning styles of each student is a challenge and a source of satisfaction for tutors in Exceptional Minds.

Apple and Exceptional Minds.

We can conclude that the non-profit organization Exceptional Minds has obtained financial support from Manzana through your program Employee Giving to train neurodivergent artists to work in the entertainment industry, as we already mentioned.

The school uses a unique methodology that combines technical training, hands-on experience, and career path planning to help students on the autism spectrum shine through their talents rather than the challenges they face.

The products and technology provided by Manzana have helped students develop skills and improve their concentration.

The collaboration between Exceptional Minds and Manzana is an example of how companies can support non-profit organizations to create opportunities for people with talent and unique skills.