Apple, also in France via the earphones from the iPhone sales package


Also in France there will no longer be EarPods “bundled” with every iPhone. Thanks to a French law that obliged all smartphone manufacturers to include a “hands-free kit” in every device sold in the country, the Cupertino company also had to standardize by continuing to pack them, unlike all the other countries in which it has removed headphones and power supply starting in 2020. In Brazil, Apple received a $ 2 million fine for removing the power supply.

Apple took these accessories out of the iPhone box claiming it was doing it in part to reduce the environmental impact. By removing both accessories, the box ‌it has been made much more subtle allowing to ship a greater quantity in the same occupied space.

The obligation to include earphones in the packaging was born in 2010, in order to limit exposure to electromagnetic waves during voice calls. This choice has led, only in France, to an annual sale of over 23.8 million earphones, and a consequent pollution from technological waste that the country is now trying to fight. The new law does not require manufacturers to remove the earphones but leaves that decision up to them.

Apple has already decided to remove them. According to a notice published by the French distributor Fnac, in fact, based on this new law, starting from January 24, all iPhones sold in the country will no longer have the earphones supplied. Similar speech also for Xiaomi which will sell smartphones without earphones starting this week.

At the moment, the official French website of Apple still continues to show the EarPods in the sales package in addition to the USB-C to Lightning cable.